Fourth Corner Cover hi-res.jpg

Publisher: Engine Books

ISBN: 9781938126932

The Fourth Corner of the World

The characters in Scott Nadelson’s latest collection abandon their lands of origin, sever their roots, and distance themselves from the people they once were.

The stories in the Fourth Corner of the World roam geographically and historically, featuring a would-be assassin in 1920s Paris, Jewish utopians in 1880s Oregon, and teenage girls seeking revenge in 1980s New Jersey among their casts of beautifully rendered outcasts and seekers.


Advance Praise for The Fourth Corner of the World

“A story collection that effortlessly bridges time, offering us a glittering trail of human experience. Scott Nadelson is equally at home in an immigrant’s Paris after WWI as he is an American temp worker’s search for love and meaning. Tender, brimming, beautiful stories of displacement and revival.”

—Dominic Smith, author of THE LAST PAINTING OF SARA DE VOS


“Scott Nadelson’s wide-ranging, vividly imagined stories ring with authenticity, humor, and unavoidable heartache. Nadelson’s stories expose emotional lives with…is there such a thing as brutal and lyrical honesty? The Fourth Corner of the World is a collection of gorgeously written, truth-soaked stories.”



“With grace, ease, and astounding sensitivity, Nadelson squires us through a dazzling array of human experience and emotion reminding us again the powerand majesty of great stories. Each story burns with an interior light, illuminating the cracks within the characters and the hope that keeps them going. Nadelson’s confident and assured voice marks him as a masterful storyteller.”

—Gina Ochsner, author of THE HIDDEN LETTERS OF VELTA B.